Re: Understanding Bonnie's insulin results


Hi Sarah,

I did the same as you with the Ir Calculator. The only reason I suggested there might be a handling error is that I had a similar low results with one of my Insulin tests early on and that's what was suggested,
plus I double checked the archives for previous messages on low insulin numbers. Hopefully one of the vets will chime in to add their wisdom. Kerry is also much more experienced with blood issues as well.  It's also possible that she is just PPID- not IR . Sorry, that doesn't make it any clearer for you...

Pauline & Spur
Sth West Vic
Australia Aug 07
EC Primary Response

Hi Pauline. >>Was she fasted before the test? << Bonnie was not fasted before the test; she had access to grass hay all morning.

Hi Kerry

>>The number you would use is the one where the '<2.0' number is in the
sequence of results. The numbers in parentheses are what the lab gives as low/high normal parameters.<<

When I put <2.0 in the IR calculator it comes up with "NaN". I assume I therefore need to put "2.0" in the calculator?


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