Re: OK to Test if Still Ouchy? WAS: Trim Review and Shedding Question

Suzanne Mansolilli

Thanks for laying this all out, Kerry.  

I kept my appointment yesterday and am very comfortable w/new vet.  She pulled plenty of blood to do all tests, keeping in mind circumstances under which blood was drawn.   

Still working on tightening up his diet, as he's been picky about eating minerals.  Am in process of switching carrier  to BP. So Diet part of DDTE is not ideal yet, nor is Exercise, as he's had virtually no excercise for the past few weeks .

So yes, pieces of puzzle are still missing.  Will report blood results when I get them, and am planning on re-testing in a few weeks.

Thanks for the support ,

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Furthermore, if todays insulin is high you'll likely have to increase perg (if rest of DDTE is good) and (ideally) be re-testing ACTH in 3-4 weeks for dose assessment


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