Re: Pergolide


What it means is your horse is getting 0.75 mg per day total with those
three ccs, and that is probably just perfect for your specific horse. We
were just thinking cost. My mules are not big, Sadie weighs about 630 lbs
and gets 0.63 cc of the mixture ordered by BelindaVet. Pandora (about 500
lbs) gets 0.5 cc per day -- but keep in mind, their mixture is 1 mg/cc while
yours is 0.25mg/cc. Cost wise, if this is true, Prescription Specialties
would be a bit cheaper for you, but if that is not a concern and if your
horse weighs about 750 lbs or if your vet had a particular reason for
prescribing this particular dosage -- you are set. Sure you might want to
discuss it with your vet. Don't let the math mess up what you have going for
you. If your horse is doing well clinically and blood tests have the desired
results, you are right on. It all comes down to how much medicine is mixed
with how much diluent. That is all That is why you are giving 3 cc per
day, and why your price for 100 cc might have seemed cheaper than the price
some of the rest of us are paying. NOT wanting to Mess with Success here!
These babies are to precious for that! I think my head aches from the math!

Kay, Puppy, Becce, and Mira Me
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