Re: Understanding Bonnie's insulin results


Hi Dr Kellon

>>Are her radiographs posted?<<
Sorry, I thought they were in her folder. I have now added them (link attached below) but they are not marked up as they should be (the next set will be marked up now that I know what to do).

Bonnie's ACTH levels are now controlled (her latest number was 16.9) but her feet are still sore. I am trying to work out why. The insulin calculator (if I include "2.0" as the insulin number) indicates that she is not IR. I have not had my hay tested but it is Rhodes Grass hay and generally it tends to be low sugar and starch. I am about to send it off for testing to make sure and will then be getting her diet balanced accordingly; she is currently on the emergency diet.

I am assuming my problem is trim but just wanted to make sure I wasn't putting in the wrong insulin numbers! 



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