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Nancy C

You are doing great Kelly

Make sure you take a look at the proceedings from Dr Kellon on Diagnosing PPID and IR, I just described in previous post.  See link below my signature.  Also great info on which tests and why on

I may have misunderstood your Case History.   If your vet said "negative" becasue his blood work was within "lab normals" he may or may not have been correct. It is a common problem. If you can get copies of your testing from 2013 and put the results in your CH, that might be a good place to start before you schedule the appointment.

If you want a baseline ACTH now would be a good time before we get into seasonal rise.

Some horses are PPID only.  Those lucky ones can have grass. It's IR that makes the grass access so problematic.

Thanks for your signature and link!

Nancy C in NH
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FACT: Insulin resistance (IR) is the failure of insulin sensitive cells to respond to “normal” levels of insulin.  See E. M. Kellon, VMD, Diagnosis of Insulin Resistance and PPID, 2013 NO Laminitis! Proceedings, Equine Cushing's and Insulin Resistance Group Inc.


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Sorry if my signature did not copy.  i tried to properly paste it on my original question.  He has only had insulin test before, which was negative.  Xrays all negative, no rotation.  

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