Re: Re Testing ACTH & Doxycycline Question

corrine haffner

Hi Nancy

Thank you,i kept all the messages in my email so didn't have to look to far to find that post,i had kinda forgot about that post. Till i started going back a re reading them. 

What can i do to keep him from gaining a whole bunch of weight?? He pretty much is eating all the time now scarfs down hay & cubes like he's starving. 

Do i let him be without hay for several hours a day? or do i keep him with it 24/7?? if i can even keep the nets with hay that long.  Working on switching him over to all ODTB cubes, now he's eating shouldn't be to hard to do. Also once switched to cubes,i'am afraid he'll be searching for every small blade of grass he can find,or just breaking out of corral to get out on pasture. 

He already attempted that yesterday,got tangled up in wire so never got totally out,had to cut him out of his mess. Guess his pain level of 2 isn't stopping him being naughty.

Thank you,

Corrine and Jasper

MN 4/2014


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