Re: Increase Pergolide when?


I totally agree with having to know your horse from the look in his eye to the way he moves as the seasonal rise approaches, but here is an issue I have just experienced:  here in the Pacific Northwest spring and early summer are (usually) still cool, wet, cloudy but this year the sun came out early.  Plants are early, the barn swallows are early, the field was just cut for hay (a month early) and my pony goes lame/with pulses about 4 weeks earlier than last year.  Progression of the PPID or progression of the season?  After 3 days of rechecking his entire protocol (same trim, same hay he's had for the last 8months, same balanced supplementation, same pea gravel paddock) I started raising his pergolide dose and already he appears to be more comfortable.  Gah

I planned to stay ahead of the curve this year, but I think the curve moved.
We need one of our brilliant vets to invent a  ACTH monitor/pergolide dispenser like the insulin pump!

SW Washington 3/13

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