Re: Lab Test


Hi Michele,

DEFINITELY go with Nancy's advice!  Sorry for any confusion I caused you!  I was thinking along the lines of:

1) not knowing what circumstances under which the labs were drawn, and
2) If funds were tight and you are already feeding him a low sugar starch diet, then the $ would be be best spent on the mineral balancing at this time.

As Kerry so eloquently explained in a great post yesterday (, the insulin level fluctuates constantly, and an insulin that shows "compensated IR" or even "not IR" on the GI calculator, does not mean that in the future, if the horse were given an inappropriate diet (grass, grain, etc), he wouldn't run into problems.   Once IR, always IR. 

That's great the Kathy Brinkerhoff has balanced Mac's Diet for you!  I was going by what's in his CH, so if you could update that it would be helpful.  I saw in the old messages that you had a question about how to do that and looks like maybe you never got an answer?  Here's a very helpful file in ECH8 with tons of great information about how to do, well, just about anything with your CH!  

Long story short, you have to update it on your hard drive and then upload it and delete the old CH.  You're doing a great job with Mac!  Keep it up!

Maggie, Chancey and Spiral in VA

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