Re: Increase Pergolide when?

Kerry Isherwood

Very interesting reading these responses & ever so helpful for a "first-timer" going into the seasonal rise.

So...PPID horses *will* need a pergolide increase during the rise? Is that the standard thinking? (Not asking how much; just that an increase is *usually* indicated)

Then, conversely, a subsequent tapering as eACTH naturally declines (December?) and remaining on a "maintenence" pergolide dose thru spring, all-the-while ideally supported by ACTH testing to establish expected down-trending or static ACTH as well as future target dose data (aka finding your PPID's ACTH "magic number").

Painfully simplistic & deceptively easy, no doubt....but mostly correct?

Thanks everyone,
Kerry in NY
Sept 2014 -- an anxious seasonal rise first-timer

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