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Hi Bob,
You asked if the laminitis in your horse was early due to earlier seasonal changes or progression of the disease.  A really good question!

This is something our collective case histories and their records of  ACTH tests could possibly tell us.  There must be members who test routinely in spring and record the results?

Regardless of the actual reason, I'd guess that if Nature is triggering the seasonal changes, and the season is coming earlier, then it probably is not a progression of the disease.  However, that is just a guess based on nothing important, as usual, the answer would be found in regular ACTH testing $$$.  

I was going to check to see what your ACTH testing records revealed but you didn't post a link to your case history.  If you don't have a case history, you can check my mare's ACTH tests to see if you think it is a spring trigger or a disease progression trigger.  Regardless why it is happening though it sounds like a spring rise is certainly in the picture for some of our horses (mares only?) 

If anyone else happens to do regular spring testing it would be great to know about you and your horse. Post your case history links with your replies.  

- ​LeeAnne, Newmarket, Ontario

ECIR Archivist 03/2004


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