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corrine haffner


Jasper is eating none stop do i let him eat all he want's? or do i limit amounts of hay he can have? If he has hay he never quits eating. This is new to me he's never been like this before,so i'am not sure what to do.

Also his pasture mate of 11 years is going to be put down this fall or sooner,my mare who's 28 1/2 years old. Her health is declining and she gotten skinny despite all the hay and 15lbs of senior feed divided up into 4 feedings. She has heaves which is getting harder to control having more and more flare ups/even on Lung EQ. Also has DSLD on both front legs and fetlocks are dropping more and one leg has bowed a tendon. 

Her quality of life is becoming questionable at this point,so i have to make that dreaded decision to put her down,my heart horse of 26 years. So problem with her being put down is jasper is very attached to her and flips his lid when she goes out of his sight. 

So how do i get him through the loss of his best buddy? i don't want him pacing the fence and screaming for days looking for her. Hard enough to go through this then to have jasper screaming and looking for her will be heart breaking. 

Sorry for the long post but i need to do this now,because the week or day before i wont be able to think this all out,and see through the tears to type it.

Thank you,

Corrine and Jasper

MN 4/2014


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