Re: Re Now Eating issues & loss of pasture mate.WAS: Testing ACTH & Doxycycline Question:

corrine haffner


He gets 1.5 of ODTB cubes in AM and PM upping pms ODTB cubes to 2lbs tonight so 3.5 lbs of cubes a day, 25lbs of hay thats soaked. So total amount is 28.5lbs a day,hay is gone by am feeding. He's drinking 25 gallons a day sometimes more. Hay is in small hole hay net 1.5 inch holes he's eaten holes bigger in last day or so. Was chewing on net when i went out to feed this morning.

I'll let him see his buddy then after the deed is done,hopefully i can handle this it's going to be hard. Have had alot of losses this year already.

Thank you,

Corrine and Jasper

MN 4/2014


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