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So how do i get him through the loss of his best buddy? i don't want him pacing the fence and screaming for days looking for her. Hard enough to go through this then to have jasper screaming and looking for her will be heart breaking. 

Hi Corinne,


I recently had to deal with a similar situation when my heart horse Jack was euthanized. He had been Spurs constant companion for many years. Jack couldn’t go out of sight- ever- without Spur going nuts. Jack used to like playing hidey at midnight, in which I would then have to drag myself out of bed to “find” him as Spur would be screaming the neighborhood down.


Spur was there for the whole process, watched and sniffed Jack after the process. I certainly believed that helped. He did go nuts, screaming & running for about 30 minutes after Jack left. He continued to call out and pace for the next few days.  I slept in his stall for the first night and reassured him each time he called out. I put my 2 pet sheep in his yard overnight and Rescue remedy really helped … both of us… There’s not a lot more than you can do other than be there for Jasper. He will fret and pace- that’s a normal reaction for them. He will eventually stop and move on.  Spur called less and less, but it took a week. Make sure his feet are well protected and padded.- that would be my main concern.  My vet offered a sedative for Spur- I declined, again the rescue remedy worked so much better than I anticipated. There are safe calming herbs that can be used- but not sure how that would go with the doxy treatment. Is there another horse close by that he can see?


I’m so sorry for your impending loss- it’s a hard gut wrenching decision to make. Quality of life is very important and although it may not feel like it, we are lucky that we can alleviate any pain and suffering in a peaceful humane manner. She will always be your heart horse.  Take care & hugs to you.


Pauline & Spur

Sth West Vic

Australia Aug 07

EC Primary Response


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