Re: Re Now Eating issues & loss of pasture mate.WAS: Testing ACTH & Doxycycline Question:

corrine haffner

Hi Pauline 

Yes he has another horse my daughters gelding,they are not buddy's never have been,jasper has been chased and put through the fence by the other gelding. 

Sounds like pacing and screaming is in the cards even if he see's and sniffs her after she's gone,i have be the one to hold her rope while she's being put down. I have two horses to deal with after, both will lose their minds,this mare holds the small herd of 3 together. 

When did you start the rescue remedy for you horse before the other was put down?? Have 2 to deal with plus i'am going to be a emotional mess. I know she will still be my heart horse,hard to say good by to such a beautiful sweet mare. Will put a picture of her in my album,she's palomino quarter horse her name is chardonnay.

Thank you,

Corrine and Jasper

MN 4/2014


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