Re: Re Now Eating issues & loss of pasture mate.WAS: Testing ACTH & Doxycycline Question:


When did you start the rescue remedy for you horse before the other was put down?? 

Hi Corrine,


 Unfortunately, Jacks passing wasn’t planned- colic- so I didn’t get to start the RR for Spur until later in the day- a friend dropped some in. If I’d had the chance, I would have started it a few days beforehand - for both of us. I had always said that if Jack passed away Spur would need to be put down as well as he wouldn’t cope. I just couldn’t do it at that time. I totally underestimated his ability to cope. He yet again taught me another lesson.


It’s good that there’s another horse close by- they don’t have to be together- just within eyesight.  Would love to see a photo of her when you’re ready.


Pauline & Spur

Sth West Vic

Australia Aug 07

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