Re: Two Standlee Timothy test results


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Yes, I'm referring to soaked hay. *** 

That is because ESC is only one component of the formula for the calculation of DE. Other components of DE (Crude Protein, fat, hemicellulose and ash) are not reduced proportionately by soaking because they aren't as water soluble as sugars.

An example of my hays as fed:
Dry hay DE:   2.14 Mcal/kg=> soaked DE: 1.64 Mcal/kg (76% of dry)
Dry hay ESC: 7.8%=> Soaked ESC: 4.1% (53% of dry)
As Dry Matter, soaked hay DE was 89% of the dry hay, and ESC was 61% of dry hay. 

***I caution that my water is very very soft. It is not acid but it is very pure, only pH adjusted with calcium carbonate. So YMMV with different water used as the solvent.

I put these hay analyses in Cayuse's CH folder. I have a others.

Cass for Cayuse and Satra
Sonoma County, Calif Oct 12

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....."Percentages of ESC/starch drop faster than DE. ...."

>>>Cass, are you referring to soaked hay in this statement?

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