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Thank you for the advice and the compliments.  Buddy is a very special, sweet, hard-working and forgiving guy who is my best friend.  

To update history, I have not been giving him any MSM for several months now.  He got 2 cups beet pulp along with a cup of alfalfa pellets over the winter that I soaked and put his other supplements in.  I stopped the beet pulp about 2 months ago.  Apparently, he needs to get back on it.  I am pretty sure my hay is deficient in protein and I was hoping the alfalfa pellets were helping make up for some of this.  Should I continue with those, add more, or forget it and try to find the stuff you listed?

I will attempt to upload the hay testing report I have for SOME of the hay I bought.  We have three different kinds/cuttings that I am mixing right now.  The report is for the "better" mixed hay.  The other stuff is "economy grass mix hay" and some first cutting mixed hay from last year.  The report does not include NSC. They don't test for that and I was going to have to pay extra to have it done, so I just went with it.  My previous hay guy's stuff was much more loaded with alfalfa and I really had to feed in limited amounts or Buddy would gain too much weight and I worried it was too much protein.  Now, it appears I have gone too far the other direction.

Can you recommend some specific brands and places to buy the ground stabilized flax and the whey protein isolate?  The stores around here (TSC and Farm and Fleet) only carry Nutrena and Dumor.  I called a feed store an hour away that deals with Triple Crown and he is going to see if he can special order their Omega Max.  Is this even the right stuff?  Are there other options?  I have no idea what whey protein isolate is or where to find it.

I will order the California Trace Plus, get him back on the beet pulp, continue with the Remission, and try to find the other things you suggested.  He is here at our house and I am out of school now so I can regulate his feed precisely.  We will start back to work 3-4 days/week as well.

Do you find the shedding unusual and worthy of a PPID test, or should I change his diet and see how it goes?  Is 15 minutes with a grazing muzzle on in our clover filled pasture a stupid idea?  Last summer I had him worked up to an hour with muzzle and he was out all night with muzzle when he was at the trainer's in May.  No problems.  I don't want to be dumb, but I don't want to be overly crazy cautious, either.   I have waited on starting this schedule this spring because of our super cold nights and sunny days.  Things are starting to even out more now.  

Thanks again for all of your help!
Kelly and Buddy
Illinois 2013


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