Re: split peas/fresh peas


Hi Kathy -
Diet right now is a work in progress, since we have moved away from any grain. Weight is down this spring and am trying to get it back up - she's about a 4 on the scale. Her teeth were checked today and all was O.K. - It may be that I cut her hay back too soon this spring - so she's back to free choice and I have increased her Timothy Balance Cubes. I thought the peas would be a good addition. Thanks for looking up the info on the types of peas.

Hi Karen,

Are her protein and lysine requirements being met by her diet? How much additional protein do you want to supplement?> I checked a nutritional data site and 1 cup of frozen unprepared) peas has 7 grams of protein and one cup of dried split peas has 48 grams of protein.

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