Re: Jasper's Journal of Pulse & lameness last 10 days.

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Hi Corrine,
I do not have a horse with PPID or IR, but did reach out to the group earlier in the year when one of his vets were concerned about his weight. 
Anyway - I am writing because I have a lot of experience with abscesses. The first abscess I observed with my horse had me very alarmed as he was walking like he had a broken leg (on the toe and limping dramatically). Every horse’s abscess pain can manifest differently though depending on the severity of the abscess.  

I would continue to soak your horse’s feet until all traces of puss is gone from his diapers. I usually soak at least twice a day and dry off the foot and continue applying a drawing agent in the diaper for a day or two after the puss begins draining JUST to encourage continued draining. If you quit soaking too early, the infection can persist. 

Bounding pulses and warm/hot hooves are consistent with abscesses. The hotter the foot, the more severe the abscess may be. Pulses don’t even need to be bounding, but usually they are stronger then normal in affected feet. As Lavinia suggested, when the abscesses break open and begin to drain/ooze, there is some immediate refief. Think of it like this: If you had a big blister full of puss and it was inside your foot, it would cause alot of pressure and pain/soreness. Once the blister breaks and starts to drain, your foot would feel so much better, but still sore and sensitive, but SO much better. The warm/hot epson soaks will soothe his feet. I have no idea if there may be further complications caused by other issues, but can attest that abscesses are  consistent with how you have described your horse’s condition.

All the best,
San Francisco

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Hi Lavinia

He's still quite lame yet so think there are more abcesses?? His hoofs are still hot and digital pulse bounding. He didn't mind having his feet soaked,headed out to soak feet again. Do they stand like a laminatic horse when they have abcesses? Jasper got his fronts out in front of him with hindend up underneath himself today. Should i also ice his hoofs being their so much heat??

I wonder if the trim had something to do with the abcesses?  Will abcesses cause a bounding pulse and hot feet ??  

On lameness scale of 1 to 5  1 being sound 5 being very lame he's a 5 today. 

Thank you,
Corrine and Jasper
MN 4/2014

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