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HI, Sue, sorry to hear this!  Corrine has some good advice about starting off with small amounts of the PhytoQuench in the cubes til Princess gets used to the taste.

Try bute twice daily one day, once daily the next, then twice daily;  do that alternating for a week or so and see how she does with it, all the while giving her small amounts of PhytoQuench.  Owners do report that using products like PhytoQuench allows them to use reduced amounts of NSAIDs ( I know they are not really meant to be used together, but while transitioning there is not much choice)

You *might* have to syringe the PhytoQuench for a week or two once you get the bute interval more stretched out, to ensure her pain is controlled, but hopefully she will get used to the taste and you can just put it in her food.

Hang in there.

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Hello, everyone.. princess is having a not so great day.. I have been tiring to get her off the bute. she gets 1 tab am and pm. 

Sue & princess
oh 6/11

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