Re: Jasper's Journal of Pulse & lameness last 10 days.

Lorna Cane

>He's wearing easyboot Rx,

You can undo the velcro. 
Depending on how snug they are ,he will either step out of them - in time- or you can hold on to the heel part as he steps.
I would do this on sheets or large towels,or something other than stable mats,or ground.
If he steps on a towel (large hand towel?)that will cover his foot ,you can bring the towel up his fetlock/leg and secure it,so that the foot is kept clean,or can lose some of the pus on the towel, or.....provide a breather for you both.

>also tried the rescue remedy seems to help but not enough to get his feet done, 

Maybe try more.

Lorna in Ontario,Canada
ECIR Moderator 2002

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