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Connie Martley

Agree and it stopped working I was splitting 227mg into half daily. So 113 mg each day. That is why I went to presend another vet gave her. 

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Hi Connie,

You're doing fine. We understand that we throw a lot of new info at you.

Got it on the Prascend dose. That is not a problem.

The concern was about the Previcox dose - how much and why. Vets tend to immensely overdose the Previcox, esp in a mini, as this form of firocoxib is formulated to be administered to dogs. Contrary to how it may seem, dogs require much larger doses of firocoxib to achieve therapeutic blood levels. Correct horse doses are much, much smaller than a canine's would be. Therefore, it is almost impossible to correctly dose Previcox to a mini as you would need to cut a 57mg pill into quarters and the pill is not intended to be divided that way.

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