ACTH Question- Blood Results

Caryn Darmer


I have not visited the group in quite some time since it has been two years since my Cushings + IR horse founder episode/diagnosis and he has been doing well. This spring he has been a little bit under the weather at times even with his 1 and 1/4 pill or Prascend daily. At the time I blamed it on unusual Washington heat, but now I know that he was a bit lethargic due to his Prascend dosage not being right. I had blood drawn and sent to Cornell last week and his ACTH came back at 55 pg/ml. Now I do realize that this is raised, however last time (this past spring during his lethargic episode) I attempted to raise his Prascend dosage (by 1/4 of a pill) he went super lethargic even with APF. Right how he is in daily exercise, proper balanced diet, no pasture ect. 20 years old. 

My question is, since he is not too high over the "normal" ACTH range. Do I start off by adding 1/8 of a pill? Do you think that 1/8 of a pill would bring my horses ACTH down enough? 


Caryn + Narco

Sept 2013

Washington State

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