Help with Jiaogulan?

Belinda Borders

I could use some quick help. I joined the group today, June 8th 2015. Location: Northeast Ohio. Reason: had the vet out today and have a case of suspected laminitis. Horse was unwilling to walk. Background: 17 year old quarter horse gelding lame on and off since March on right front and left hind. Back muscles extremely tight. Hocks injected first of April. Didn't see much improvement. Had 2 different vets out along with chiro and massage. Suspected PSSM or some other sort of muscular disease. Robaxin, bute etc. helped somewhat. On rest and pasture turn out. Blood work came back negative for muscle disorder. Had right front x- rayed - no rotation, hoof form looked good. Mild medial/ lateral imbalance. Slight navicular changes - but same as he has had for the last 5 years.  Trimmer out to correct imbalance. Horse seemed to be getting better. Started light work - mostly walk with some trot. Not a lot of work because my dad had gone into ICU and I was pretty much living at the hospital. My dad passed away last Monday and I had not been at the barn but once in the last week ( I board). Last Wednesday I got on and walked for about 20 minutes. Horse was happy to move out, interested, ears up, back swinging. I didn't go on Thursday because that was the day of the memorial service for my dad. During the week sometime we got in a new shipment of this year's first cutting hay. Very green. We had been feeding last year's hay up until this point. Pasture turn out time was also getting increased during this time in 15 minute increments every third day. Up to 2 hours per day. Went to barn on Friday - looked mildly off. Saturday looked very off - suspected maybe an abscess. Went Sunday and he could hardly walk. Vet out this morning and believes its laminitis due to movement, stance, etc. She will be coming back in the morning to pull blood work. Current diet was 6 flakes of hay - 6 ozs primeglo 2x daily to feed supplements with. Supplements include: Smarthoof circulate, Smart combo ultra, performance equine magnesium and 1g selenium. .Changed today to soaked hay, 4 ozs. beet pulp shreds 2x's daily with same supplements. 1gram bute 2x's daily, 20 isox 2x's daily - sorry can't remember the dosage -it's at the barn. was wondering if the jiaogulan would be a better anti - inflammatory after reading some of Dr.Kellon's articles. If so, where would I purchase it and what would be the correct dosage? Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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