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Sharon Manning

Hi there,
My guy Blaze had this very issue. I posted about it not too long ago.
When he was diagnosed for ppid and started on his compounded pergo it went down in just a matter of days. It was so large and hard lumps on both sides. One side being worse than the other. He looked like a volleyball with two testicles attached. He also had Edema in his chest area. He had gained weight during our very cold winter and he was already over weight. I measured his long coat and it was 5 inches long! When he got wet it would curl up. I new he was cushings as this will be my third horse but vet would not write scrip because his blood work was sent to Michigan state(false neg). It was really cold and that altered the numbers for everything looks like, esp. The thyroid. ((Think my vet would have known that)) but NO I had to find that out here$$$$. Vet took the lymph direction instead. Cleaned the sheath, said it was very dirty....(she must not know dirty...) Needless to say I asked dr k about the steroids before I gave them (thank god) and got my head together and weighted for the weather to warm. As soon as it stabilized at a fair temp I got the vet out again with all the directions for Cornell and tested again. As she was driving out the drive way I started him on left over pracasend. He was better in just a couple of days. By the time the vet confirmed ppid he was a different horse. She has now written a scrip for compounded and I can say after a couple of months he appears to have lost some weight but it could just be the reduction in edema. His sheath is much much better with still some hardness.(he is very obese) The swelling is all gone and no longer looks as if he is a stallion. He looks very good with the exception of weight and his personality has a little more of a spark. I stared him also on CoQ10 to see if that might help with the fat inflammation ( he has been on the recommendation diet for 6 plus years). I warn you it is expensive, so not sure I can keep it up but will let all know if it seems to help. Hope blazes story helps you.
East TN

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