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sue wolf <wolffarm4@...>

hello, thank you for the info
... princess is up to 1 dose a day I have to feed her in small feedings but shes down to 3 times and she has one full does.. I do give it with the timothy cubes soaked.. I did today take her down to 1/2 tab of bute 2X's a day starting today.
I have noticed a change in her shes moving a little more and not taking her day time laying  down time.. shes been on it for 4 today I think its 5 days.. but will this bring out abases? she has 2 that came to the cornery band is is a slow drain.. on the same hoof..I'm wrapping it with vet wrap but would gauze be better under the vet wrap?  that's the one she seems to be more sore on, before the abscesses came out?  
also it there a search place on the curshing sight so I can put in phyto quench and it will bring up all that was said on this topic? I can't find it.. if there's one? Also with her off the bute and on the P-Q should let her heal faster? right..
sorry for all the questions..
thanks Sue & princess
oh 6/11

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