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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

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Dr. Kellon, if it is not fat malabsorption what would it be?

A light layer of mucus. Possibly insufficient salt or water intake, parasites.
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The donkey had this when he had hypretriglycerides from underfeeding. It cleared up
as he got more food.

Hypertriglyceridemia from underfeeding is high fat levels in the blood caused by mobilization of fat from body stores.  It has nothing to do with the absorption of fat from the intestines and the fat does not get excreted into the intestines so there's no way there is any connection there.
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Also, Dr. Kellon, it's not 1 ounce of flax to 25 pounds manure, as she
gets 8 pounds of food/day. Not sure how much manure that makes!

The average adult size horse produces 50 pounds of manure a day (and eats about 20 - 22 pounds of food, dry matter) so you horse would produce at least 20 pounds of manure.

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