Re: Clippers for Cushings Coat

Kerry Isherwood

Those Andis are OK & work on show coats that are blanketed & bathed before clipping but if you are doing a full body clip on a true Cushing's coat you may want a stronger motor. Ive dealt with many brands over the years for show grooming & in veterinary medicine (you'd be surprised what kind of crazy hair in crazy places you have to clip in an emergency!) and the ones I really like the most are the Lister Star clippers for full body on horses, esp thick coats that are unbathed. If you take care of the blades (stop, clean and oil with every ten mins of use, religiously) ive gotten prob an average of ten full body clips out of a single set of blades. And thats on two horses that live outside 24/7 year-round, one being PPID and having ridiculously lavish leg feathers.

Only caveat with this clipper & blade is to make sure you buy the medium cut blades, NOT the fine that come w machine. The fine is almost a surgical cut. Medium are perfect for show ring needs and leave enough hair even for horses living outside w daily fly spraying. Ive been very impressed with these Lister clippers

However, if your horse is stalled, blanketed, vacuumed, bathed frequently, etc (not living the rugged life) you are prob fine with the Andis.

Kerry in NY
Sept 2014

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