Re: Now: colick Trouble Jasper's Journal of Pulse & lameness last 10 days.

corrine haffner

Thank Lee Ann & Donna i knew she was going to need putting down,but wasn't ready to lose her yesterday,she was 28 almost 29 years old. I owned her for 26 1/2 years,she was my princess up to the very end. I miss her demanding ways and her beautiful face,the barn isn't the same don't have her to nicker to me for her food,and bang on her stall door. 

Got the acepromazine gave jasper 5mg not sure it has done anything,maybe he's to hyped up and nervy that its not working?? He has blow out two huge abcesses on both front and they left good size holes in his soles,they were packed full of bedding and manure. Flushed the heck out of then did the poultice,wasn't sure if i should put DMSO on his soles with big holes from abcesses?? 

He's still very stiff and has yet to lay down,he just keeps looking and calling for chardonny. 

Vet said i could give up to 15mg of the ace seems like a lot not sure i should give that much?? maybe it would help more because he's so hyped up?? Wish he would lay down and rest he is very sore but just keeps pacing around stall any way,just moving slower now. Groomed him and gave him treats, sugar free mints seemed to really like that. 


Corrine & Jasper
MN 4/2014

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