Re: Clippers for Cushings Coat / ACTH

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Deb, that is most interesting about the small clipper.  Thanks! Certainly the cordless feature is a real plus.  Cords get in the way when you only have one hand and your horse moves around.  At least I know that is how it is with a hose.

The vet called today with results on our latest ACTH test and the number has gone way down, though not far enough.  She is going to mail me the results and then I hope to try again and suceed to post a case history for Rudy.  {Fingers crossed!}  He is also barely below the range for IR.  Vet thinks the things I have been doing (Diet, Pergolide, Flax, vitamin E, Remission) have been working. :)  Anyway, he has lost 100 pounds since January.

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