The IR blues...

Kerry Isherwood

Crap.  I get one IR stabillized and the other falls apart.  I have no idea why, but now my 8yo gelding's insulin is 70uU/mL, the highest its ever been.  I just dont understand....

I knew something was wrong when he started getting spooky a few days ago.  That's always the first sign.  Then we went on a trail ride and an hour in he suddenly reverted back to crazytown, seriously deranged behavior he hasn't exhibited in over two years.  The other riders were mortified; I was so embarrassed.  Hence the blood draw. 

I will update his case history so fresh eyes can look at it and check for holes.  Briefly, though, he's on 15 lbs/day ODTBC and soaked hay (tiny bit).  VItE/flax/salt.  Strictly drylotted.  Feet are the same as always.  I dont know what changed to cause this insulin surge.  Is 8yrs old too young for PPID?  What do I do, stop the cubes and just feed soaked hay?  The max ESC + starch he's getting is in the cubes (the hay was analyzed and is soaked).  ARGhhhhh!!! 

Please bear with me.  I'm just right now my 21yo PPID/IR mare is the most stable horse I own.  Unbelievable!

Kerry in NY
Sept 2014

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