Re: Now: colick Trouble Jasper's Journal of Pulse & lameness last 10 days.

Lorna Cane

>Just a few questions,is it ok to put DMSO on his sole when there are pretty good size holes from abcesses? 

What size is 'pretty good' ? Inches?
If he were here I would put DMSO on the sole,avoiding the holes.

>Also the acepromazine  5 mg didn't seem to do anything,would it be ok to give 10 mg ??

I think your vet recommended you mean mgs? Or mls?

So 10 does not sound unreasonable to me to try.

>Without boots over the bandage they don't hold up to his pacing and abcess holes get full of manure.

You can make 'boots' out of duct tape.It is taped over the sole and up the sides,all around the hoof,covers the walls.You can have several layers that cover the sole. Also reinforce in the toe area.
Or you can start the 'boot' beforehand.Lay duct tape sticky side up,cut in strips,crossing each other to make an area that will cover the hoof,and leave enough length of tape to go up the wall.Place solid taped area on sole of hoof,and quickly fold remaining tape up the sides/front of the hoof.
I'm sorry - that was a terrible description.I hope it made some sense.
You might find a better description in the Archives.
I've done this many times - the duct tape boot thing.Works beautifully.

Lorna in Ontario,Canada
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