Re: Now: colick Trouble Jasper's Journal of Pulse & lameness last 10 days.

corrine haffner

I meant ML not mg sorry me and my typos here,yes my vet reccomended 15ml.  The hole on LF front is 2 1/2 inchs  wide,RF has a hole that is close to 3 inchs. Hard to clean them he doesn't hold foot up but a second at a time. I can try 10 mls of the ace for tonight see how that goes. Wouldn't the DMSO like endup running into the holes? Don't know if that stuff would sting but if it does he'll have a fit,stomping and doing his i hurt dance.

I get the idea on the duct tape boot,duct tape i currently have is thin junk but can try and make it work.He's do for his bandage change here at 8pm. I'v got schedule for everything that gets done iv got a chalk board with all the times and what he gets.  Thank you lorna, i'am so greatfull for this group,more then anyone can know:)

Corrine & Jasper
MN 4/2014

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