Escaped pony!

beverly meyer

I read the Escape files and gave her extra magnesium for a total dose today of 5000mg.

I never felt pulses before.  I can feel her existing ouchy left fore pulse pretty easily but how soon after grass would it elevate or bound, and is there any way to tell if that's her normal ouchy pulse?

It doesn't feel hard and pushy, but like a good steady pulse should feel if I took it on myself.  I read they are often very faint though.

Her heart rate is 48 bpm, which is only a tad higher than her normal 42.

Should I tape some ice packs on anyway, or would that make her already present laminits worse??

Thanks! She was out for an hour. Grass and clover are very green but not tall. She has front teeth but no back teeth.  I guess I skip Jiagulan tonight too, right?

Beverly 6/14

Beverly Texas

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