Re: Help with Jiaogulan?

Belinda Borders

Hi Maggie!

Thanks for the response. My horse's name is Junior - but everyone calls him Bug. I put him in a friend's soft ride boots yesterday with flat easy boot pads and today he seems much more comfortable. I am still feeling pretty overwhelmed trying to take care of all the business of my dad's passing along with taking care of Bug and many other things that are going on. So if I don't get back here to post often that is why.

So - here  is where we are at right now: pulses are much better. Left front feels normal, right front slightly elevated. I am keeping him in the soft ride boots. I didn't ice today, his feet felt normal temperature, but fairly pliable and I was getting worried about softening them up too much. I had iced him 2 hours 2x's a day for 3 days.  He is still on 1 gram of bute 2x's daily, 20 isox 2x's daily, 1 cc of Ace 1x daily. He will not eat the beet pulp, so I had to switch back to the prime glo to get him to eat the supplements. I am only giving him about 3 ozs 2x's a day. If you have another suggestion for supplement carrier that would be great. Other than that we are following the emergency diet - soaked hay, flax seed, salt, magnesium, selenium and vitamin e. My vet sent the blood work to Cornell and we are waiting for the results. She also ordered a  Lyme Test and EPM test.

The joke around the barn is that Bug does everything his own way - he didn't read the text book that tells him what symptoms he should have. 

I have a couple of questions that I could use some help on.

1. When should I start walking him? I got him out of the stall today for one trip up the aisle way. He's walking with a slight limp on the right front. I didn't want to push it, so I put him back in his stall.

2. We x-rayed his right front a month ago and everything looked really good. My vet advised we hold off on more x-rays until next week after we get blood work back. My concern is that if he is rotated and I try walking him, am I going to cause more damage?

3. Since I board, hay control is out of my hands. I did get hay analysis done a couple of times in 2011 and 2012, but not since then. The results were pretty similar. We use the same grower, he delivers hay every two weeks, and its fairly consistent in quality. I plan on getting an analysis done again now - I am taking my samples on Monday. If I post some of the older analysis along with the new one when I get it back, is there a way to mineral balance keeping in mind that there may be some slight variances in each load?

4. When should I switch from the bute to J-Herb? Do his pulses need to be completely normal? Does he need to be walking normally?

Sorry for such a long post - but I greatly appreciate all the help.

Belinda and Bug

June 2015 Ohio

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