Re: The IR blues...NOW: the complete picture

Kerry Isherwood

Hey Nancy,

Believe me, I do not want another PPID horse! I really dont think my gelding is truly PPID at 8 yrs old, but want to be thorough w the bloodwork work-up. He has no other PPID symptoms other than this new (possible) refractory hyperinsulinemia.

A reknown show hunter trainer I chatted with recently remarked that she has many of her horses on pergolide, especially her ponies. She puts them on it "whenever their insulin gets high". Holy crap! Who's prescribing this? Scary!

Anyway, i do appreciate your input. I think there was a slip in my gelding's routine and his IR flare is just that, a temporary flare. Unfortunately he's boarded, is in the front paddock along the road, and has the friendly 'please feed me' face that he uses without shame. He even ate my "No Treats" sign off the fence but luckily left the more serious "Im diabetic!" one in place (thought using bigger medical terms might help with compliance).

Ill post my CH, rads, body/hoof photos, bloodwork hay analysis etc later today.

Thx again,

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