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Connie Martley

Thank you so much got the info. She is doing very well on prasend had her hooves trimmed he said some rotation in right front but not bad. Any great suggestions to find cheaper presend my vet said 160.00 for $60.00 days 
Mini on prasend
Connie June 1, 2015

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"Wow that is great info so do you think we can back track from now prasend to Equinox?"


Hi, Connie - Nope,  Equioxx and Prascend are two totally different drugs.  The /Equioxx is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, firocoxib (same drug as in Previcox).  It is a newer pain reliever, similar to phenylbutazone (bute)  It is used to help relieve the pain of laminitis while people are figuring out the actual cause of the laminitis (ie Cushing's disease or insulin resistance or infectious disease)  Long term use of these anti-inflammatories has been linked to gastric ulcers, colonic ulcers, and kidney damage.

Prascend is the drug pergolide, and is used to control Cushing's disease. Getting control of Cushing's disease is often a very important step in allowing the laminitis to stop, along with correct diet and trim.  Once the horse or pony is diagnosed with Cushing's disease, it is important to keep them on Prascend for the rest of their days. So far, there have been no documented adverse side effects with long term use of Prascend (although there can be transient mood changes and appetite loss at the beginning of therapy, and a very few horses can have neurological signs at the beginning of therapy and have to be taken off the drug.  However, I believe that is in the order or 2 horses reported on this list, out of thousands on pergolide)

So.... Previcox = Equioxx = firocoxib = a non-steroidal pain reliever

Prascend = pergolide = the drug used to help control Cushing's disease.

Sorry for the confusion there!

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