Re: Miniature on Prasend


If you can get your vet on board with using compounded pergolide, that is about the only way to get pergolide cheaper.   It's legal to dose in any amount, except 1mg, the amount in Prascend.  

I guess, you can get it a little bit cheaper through a few of the pharmacies, Thriving pets has 60ct Prascend for like $110 (two 30 cts @ $55 each).  Heartland Vet has Prascend at $130 for 60 ct.  Smartpak has it at: 60ct for $120. (there are other pharmacies, but these are on bookmark)     But, check with your vet, some charge a fee for outside prescriptions (my other vet did, so using an outside pharmacy on Prascend didn't work, but was still cheaper for the compounded).  


MT 9/04

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