Tori and Orion - hay analysis

Tori Cullins


I have been following and studying up the ECIR group for the past month+ and am just now getting tests back to seek help with. Orion's case file needs updating, and I still need to get current radiographs and hoof photos posted. In the meantime, all i have learned from the group has this pony back on his feet and making a great recovery. THANK YOU!!

Can i please get help with supplementing the Teff hay he will be transitioning to today? He has been on the emergency diet, with soaked Bermuda, waiting for the Teff results. The Teff was bought on Oahu, Hawaii, but came from Anderson Hay in Washington.

Teff analysis -

Tori Cullins (Orion)

Oahu, Hawaii - May 2015

Tori and Orion Case History

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