Re: low insulin test


Thank you Kerry.  Star's insulin blood draw for test was taken 5/15/15.  It was handled by Clinilab in Valparaiso IN.  Report date is 5/16/15.  Units are uIU/mL, CPS 260,443, equine range 10-30, result 6.18.  I feed Triple Crown Senior.  She does eat some hay.  She was put on Pegolide first but it affected her appetite a lot.  I've had 3 horses on pergolide or cypro and it has always lowered insulin, so I'm surprised you've never heard of them for IR.  My first one was in 2003.  His insulin was over 300 and he was too heavy at that time.  On cypro, his insulin came down to normal and he lost a lot of weight which made him a normal weight.

So I wonder if it's OK to give less than 100 mg a day.  I was thinking of every day and a half.

Thanks again,
Judy Beumer

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