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Pauline, Jaini and everyone,

>>I agree with Jainis' sentiments. Stormy was definitely a girl with attitude, in the nicest possible way. 

Oh my!  You have no idea!!!  When I was first teaching Stormy to lead, this little teeny baby turned a complete flip at the end of the lead rope!  She nearly gave me a heart attack!  Then when a friend and I were teaching her to lunge!  Look out!   I swear she could run an entire circle without her feet ever touching the ground!  Her 'airs above the ground' were spectacular!!! :-0  Head tossing, mane and tail flying... it was all you could do to hang on to the end of the line!  Of course we were laughing hysterically the whole time, which didn't help!    Until laminitis started slowing her down, she was hell on wheels.  She would have given the Energizer Bunny a serious run for his money. Then there was the ponytude to boot!  And as you all know, she didn't make life with IR/PPID any easier on either one of us. There were many days when I swore she was plotting against my every effort to help her.  There were also many times I was shocked at how 'good' she was.   She had a way of coming through for me when I needed her to, just like she did in the end. 
In spite of all that...or because of all that...we loved her dearly.  And although it's very sad time, I am happy that those sore little feet have been set free once again.  She's truly one of those who was born to run!  

Many thanks to everyone who offered their condolences.   I've read them all several times.  

Nancy, I will most likely continue to check the posts...just not quite as closely as I did before.   I also have a very sweet Haflinger mare, Kelsey who is at the lower/milder (?) end of IR.  Thanks to Stormy and what I learned goal is continue to keep her laminitis free.  So, you won't be completely rid of me!  HA! 

Thanks again to this group for what you have done and continue to do for so many equines and their owners.

Teri and Stormy...sure to be wreaking havoc over the bridge!  Show 'em how it's done, Stormy!!! :-)
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