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 Hi Sarah,


I definitely do not put myself in the expert category. I played around with numbers on the  IR calculator, but came up with a different answer. Can I ask what  you put in as a reference range for your Insulin?   Given that she’s a T’bred it’s less likely that she’s IR, not impossible but less likely.However,  I will always stand to be corrected . Is she showing any obvious symptoms of IR- fat pads, crest, excessive drinking and urinating? I I know that the the symptoms of IR  can be sometimes subtle and cross over with PPID  symptoms. Mostly, it’s important to look at the overall picture & not necessarily focus on the numbers.
How is she doing otherwise?


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Dear experts. I'm still confused by Bonnie's IR results and was wondering if somebody could confirm whether she is or is not IR.
Her lab results were as follows:-
Glucose 4.7 mmol/L
Insulin <2.0 mU/L (2.0 - 30.0)
The IR calculator results are as follows:-
G:I ratio = 2.35
RISQI = 0.71
MIRG = -4.30
IR Status = Normal, not IR
The reason I am confused is because the "G:I ratio" is less than 4.5 which, according to the calculator, means she is severely IR but the "IR Status" says she is "Normal, not IR". I'm so confused!!



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