Re: Understanding Bonnie's insulin results


Hi Pauline :o)

I have just been into the calculator again and I don't know what I did previously but I'm getting a TOTALLY different total (42.30) and one that is definitely not IR. Is 42.30 the same total you get?

Bonnie is still lame. Lavinia and Dr Kellon have both indicated that trim is likely to be causing alot of her issues so I now have an ACEHP qualified trimmer keeping an eye on my trimming. Lavinia has done some mark-ups and given me some feedback which has been very helpful.

The good news is I am finally managing to get a decent amount of Speedibeet into her so she is putting on weight (yay!!) and I think I have found a consistent hay supplier so hoping to have my hay tested shortly to get the mineral side of things sorted out.

Sarah Harris

Mt Mee, Queensland, Australia

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