Re: Now: colick Trouble Jasper's Journal of Pulse & lameness last 10 days.

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Corinne,

To change the wraps without him lying down or being able to lift his feet long enough, you could try this:

Probably better if you can get him onto a flat surface first but will work in his bedded stall if needed. Spread a sheet out directly in front of him so when he steps forward it is onto the sheet. Cut the current booties/wraps/diapers up as much as possible off the leg and pull all the ends flat onto the ground then have him step forward onto the clean sheet. Duct tape the underside of the diaper, slather numotizine onto foot side, place on the sheet in front of his foot and have him take a step forward onto the new diaper. Fold up the sides, tape on as best as possible. Repeat for other foot.

At least it enables you to change the dressing.

Healing thought to both of you.

Lavinia, Dante, George Too and Peanut
Jan 05, RI
EC Support Team


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