CH completed, please peruse & advise

Kerry Isherwood

I have completed the CH on my IR gelding, Tofurky.  He's the 8yo gelding who's insulin has climbed to 70mg/dL despite being on (what I thought was) a very tight diet.  I need advice on diet as well as trim (hoof pics and rad links supplied).  I believe exercise and diagnosis are good but as always, input is most welcome. 

His body photos are deceiving b/c he has always been very lithe with almost no fat anywhere b/c he is very active all day in his paddock.  The 2-D pics make him appear cresty (his mane is roached, which doesn't help) 

with paunchy fat everywhere.  He is very fit & muscualr but I admit looking objectively at him after doing my CH he does appear to have gained weight this spring (only thing different was the ODTBC) which I was believing to be muscle development (esp in lower, hind abdomen -- don't laugh, its a real belief in dressage circles! :)  I do have to dig a bit to feel ribs now.  Furthermore, my saddle was custom fitted to him last summer does not seem to be fitting as well b/c he is wider.  Ugh, I need to just admit my horse has gotten fat and I didn't see it.  One thing I forgot to add to my CH is that I plan to take Tofurky to a local equine clinic 1-2x/month to weigh on their walk-on scale.  That should cut down on some of the subjectivity of body condition interpretation!

Anyway, all advice is hugely welcome.  At present it appears his insulin has stabilized on the Emergency soaked hay diet as his pulses are now normal again and he's no longer stepping tenderly, but I need help in deciding what to feed him long-term. 

Please note that I had to complete the CH is Word.doc format.  I could not get all of the bloodwork to fit in the ready-to-use template, which was partially completed and then abandoned.  For some reason the orig template still appears on some occasions when the link is used.  I'm not savvy enough to figure out why or how to delete it.  Now hopefully the *&#%@$  link to CH actually works:

And this is the easier one of my two IR horses!  Geesh!  Thank goodness the mare has been holding steady through all of this!

Kerry in NY

Sept 2014

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