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Hi Kerry,
Trust yourself!
I had the same impressions with my highly IR young horse when I started soaking his hay.  It seemed like his whole body was a little swollen when his insulin was high, and reducing the sugar relieved the swelling very quickly.  Cory can't even handle a 7.8% ESC + starch hay, so he is on 6% or soaked hay.  Otherwise, the behavior issues start, the heat starts to creep into his feet, etc.  He gets the balanced hay cubes only as muzzle treats in small amounts.
Glad your boy is feeling better!

Paula with Cory (IR) and Onyx (IR) in Bucks County, PA, USA

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 his skin & body "feel" different when i groom him. Hard to explain. But makes me think the something in his diet was too high in the sense that now that the offender has been removed, he's experiencing a major metabolic shift of some kind.
Thx to everyone, as always,
Kerry in NY
Sept 2014

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