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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Kerry,

Thanks for re-doing the case histories - know how much of a PITA that was. Unfortunately, Neo doesn't let you link to the individual folders within a file, only to the file itself:

Took a look at his photos - he really is a cutie. Here's the link to the photos:

I swear having more than one horse just guarantees that you will have double (or triple) the opportunities for trouble. The universe seems to have a rather perverse sense of humor...

Great that you have a scale available to you - certainly beats using weight tapes or formulas. I'm not seeing a crest but agree he may be slightly heavier than is ideal. That's one benfit of taking pictures - it also takes the subjectivity out of the equation. Glad his insulin has stabilized and the pulses are receding. I agree you have diagnosis under control. Now that you've switched to mostly hay vs ODTB cubes, your mineral balancing is going to need to be re-evaluated as your diet is no longer mineral balanced. Somehow, you need to get more salt into this boy as he needs 2oz minimum just for maintenance. More for his work load. Can try sprinkling it on his wet hay - some seem to accept it more readily that way.

Thanks for the hoof pix and xrays. Unfortunately, the trim really needs an overhaul. Toes are much too long (can see the resultant slight dishing in the dorsal walls), soles are thin, heels severely under run, frogs contracted, coffin bones are almost ground parallel and there appears to be a bit of sinking. The heels look visually "high" but there currently isn't any sole depth to actually lower them because they have run under so much. As long as the toes remain too long, they will continue to pull the frogs and heels forward - conveyor belt style -  and thin the soles. This contributes to the sinking. Getting his heels moved back will require finesse, patience and frequent, minimal backing while religiously keeping the toes backed as the toes are going to want to shoot forward seemingly overnight. Any kind of shoes are going to make this very difficult to achieve.

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