Re: CH completed, please peruse & advise

Kerry Isherwood

Hi Lavinia,

....."the trim really needs an overhaul. Toes are much too long (can see the resultant slight dishing in the dorsal walls), soles are thin, heels severely under run, frogs contracted, coffin bones are almost ground parallel..... Any kind of shoes are going to make this very difficult to achieve."....

Thx for info. I dont like the way his feet have been looking but he had a terrible time when barefoot (abscesses, bruising, two severe splints, etc). Granted, his diet & IR was likely uncontrolled but im still wary of barefooting him -- dont get me wrong, Im a huge proponent of living barefoot if at all possible and my mare does very well barefoot by my trimming but she has perfect easy feet (minimum1/2" solid hoof wall). This guy is more like a TB, thin walled, flat-footed -- thats why i put him on the Farrier's Formula. I swear the FF has helped his hoof quality immensely (not to mention that he finally has grown a tail). If the only way to acheive correct hoof health is by barefooting I will do it but this gelding's pathology in conformation & way of going will need someone beyond my skill level. If you have any recommendations for my area (metro NYC) please msg me privately.

Thx so much,
Kerry in NY
Sept 2014

Ps-- i thought coffin bones were *supposed* to be parallel to ground, no? Am i misreading your message?

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