Re: CH completed, please peruse & advise

tara sullivan

Hi Kerry....COME ON GIRL!  Liberate yourself and do your horse a huge favor....pull those shoes!  I know you really are a proponent of barefoot..... when possible....But you don't think that for Tofurky it is possible.  It IS!  Invest in a good pair of boots.  I like Renegades....bought a pair 8 yrs ago for my TB mare...paid $160 and she will have them whenever she needs them for the rest of her life....for the price of 1 shoeing.  The only time she wears them is when  we trail ride on hard rocky terrain....she lives on grass and dirt so her feet don't get tough enough to handle those conditions.  The good thing about barefoot is that the foot will respond to conditioning.  My TB gelding has never had shoes...we event (we have way more grip on grass than any shod horse), trail ride everywhere and do lots of road work.  We do a conditioning hack sometimes 2x/week that is about a 3.5 mile loop-2 miles of it is pavement with significant hills....we trot the whole thing....and he still needs a trim every 4-5 weeks!
And the benefits of barefoot go all the way up the legs....his tendons, ligaments, navicular bone, etc. will thank you!....with less stress and injury.
Tara from NY

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