Mishandled blood sample/Low ACTH


I have a suspicion that my mini's blood sample may have been mishandled.  It was drawn on a Friday morning and received at Cornell on the following Monday.   I don't know when it was sent but if it's supposed to be sent overnight and it was sent on Friday afternoon, wouldn't it be sitting somewhere over the weekend?  My vet sounded like he knew what he was doing as he told me he had to get the sample right back to his office to spin it down, etc. 

In December of 2014 the ACTH was 104.  This recent test showed it was 8.74 pg/mL.

Does anyone know if 8.74 is an abnormally low ACTH?   I believe the normal is 9-35.    She has never been on meds.

Thank you,
Susan in CT


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